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26th Jan 2015
Creatives..Stop calling yourself Freelance !!

Creatives..Stop calling yourself Freelance !!

  Morning Creatives For many of my photography years. I called myself a freelance.  I’ll be honest I thought it was cool. After listening to Terri Trespicio this morning .I...

19th Jan 2015

Brandon Ladies Football !!

After their win yesterday !! The Brandon ladies are leading their division !! JUst a few pictures to celebrate their success !! #Brandon Suffolk !! Some of my photography !!

17th Jan 2015
Its about Community !!

Its about Community !!

  Morning Creatives Its now 2015..And I want to help my local community alot more this year !! A mission of mine is having my photography help more people. I’m...

14th Jan 2015
Cancer..it takes two of you !!

Cancer..it takes two of you !!

  Evening All. My wife Angie is the one with Cancer.She goes to her support group to get help..usually by sharing with other people going thru some form of the...

03rd Jan 2015

A preview of my Dream 2015

I pray everyone had a lovely Christmas and a safe New Year !! How many of you watch the news  on TV? I’m sorry but it get me so depressed...

22nd Dec 2014
Trying to please everyone !!

Trying to please everyone !!

    As 2014 comes to a close.I’ve learned to major things this year.As a photographer trying to mold my style to please others just makes me unhappy. Trying to...

09th Dec 2014

Keep your Creative going forward !!

    Evening everyone ! Are you keeping your creative situation moving forward ?  I have to be honest..with so many new photographers starting up.It is getting really hard to...

06th Dec 2014
We do quality outdoor Imagery & Video

When was the last time !!

    You took your camera with you , when you went out for a walk ? Having been raised in Central NY. I found that I enjoyed shooting more...

24th Nov 2014
Trying to keep doing what you do !!

Trying to keep doing what you do !!

    There is alot going thru my mind this evening.  Me trying to come up with a new way that I can use my photography to help my community....

23rd Nov 2014
Brandon lasses ,wgwsports

Young ladies playing sports !!

  For years chances for young males to play sports have been abundant !!  Here it is 2014, I love the fact that there are more situations for a Teen...