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29th Oct 2014
testing video

testing video

Movie on 29-10-2014 at 09.30 When you lose your Creative Mojo …How do you get it back ? Please share your insights with us !!!

27th Oct 2014

The Beauty of Mother Nature !!

Being from Central NY originally,I grew loving to be outdoors!! I was never one for hunting animals. But I do support the theory behind it. It was not until I...

24th Oct 2014
Paying it forward …

Paying it forward …

    As a creative person,I’m always trying to share what I know.But I’m always looking for something new to learn !! Recently at the Center I came across a...

23rd Oct 2014

Testing !!!

Working with 9-12 yr olds .I know about some of the issues our Youths are facing daily. Makayla was a young lady…In her first year of cheerleading when I got...

22nd Oct 2014
Making a difference vs making money !!

Making a difference vs making money !!

Let me start this by saying…10 or so years ago,I most likely would have laughed at someone telling me this. But I have to admit ,its become the driving force...

20th Oct 2014
American styled portraits for your British Teen !!

American styled portraits for your British Teen !!

    #British Moms can  I have a few minutes of your time !!! My name is Mr Watson. I’m an American living in the East Anglia region!  My of...

19th Oct 2014

Home Coming…A celebration of High School Hood !!

The thoughts for this post are all mine. If I get something wrong please let me know !! To the best of my knowledge their is a “Home Coming ”...

16th Oct 2014

Working my Nature Photography !!

I have been part of the ” Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals “ For quite a while now.And although they use my nature photography I do not get paid. But...

14th Oct 2014

When you lose your Creative mojo ?

What do you do to get it back again? I do enjoy shooting portraits and lifestyle work .But lets face it to be successful at that I think you must...

08th Oct 2014
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Self projects…Keep producing !!

How important are your self projects ? Are you working on any? Do you have some in mind for your future? Matthew Jordan smith is a firm backer of self...