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10th Apr 2014

Makayla’s First Session !!

Makayla turn out to be this photographer’s dream.A young lady that always wanted to model. But she knew that she would not be a girl ,who was the size to...

10th Apr 2014

Meaghan our latest Teen photo shoot !!

Meaghan tagged along to a photo shoot done by her friend Makayla. She was very nervous at first, but once she found her stride. She totally enjoyed herself !! I’m...

21st Feb 2014

Our Second High School Teen model !!

Our second High School model,to join WGW Creative Teens ..Is a young lady from the Class of 2016..Deanna Morgan Haley

21st Feb 2014

Our first High School Teen model !!

At first we wanted to shoot with High School Juniors & Seniors. But it was my wife ,who mentioned to me .Simply why haven’t ┬átried marketing to the younger High...

19th Dec 2013

For 2014 new ideas !!

  As 2013 slowly comes to a close . I’m thinking solely about projects for 2014. Ways that I can get out of my comfort zone, new ways of keeping...

09th Nov 2013

www.wgwatsonphotography.smugmug.com My smugmug is now my photography photo/website . I’ll be putting alot more emphasis and new material there !!

20th Sep 2013

Stop waiting for approval !!

In today’s creative world, we do not need to get permission from anyone to create something ,and with social media share it with the world. So simply work your dream,...

10th Sep 2013
Testing :

Testing :

Testing this new facebook plug.

10th Sep 2013
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For the love of blogging !!

I love sharing stuff that is why I blog. I love to learn from other people,so I read quite a few blogs. Help me out if you can. For the...

07th Sep 2013
Quality Sports for positive promotions

My latest High School Senior session !!

    ┬áHere at WGW Creative ,we have stepped up our marketing trying to get the attention of more teens. either as British youths in Yr 11 or Yr 12....