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09th Jun 2015
Saints Schedule

Celebrating Bury Saints !!

Morning All !! I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason !! I met the Saints last summer about halfway thru that season. This is a situation that...

08th Jun 2015

Hanging out at the Potters House !!

Morning all !! Let me start of by saying that I do not go to church often enough. But I listen to Bishop TD jakes regularly . I came across...

06th Jun 2015

Trying to keep up !!

Hello Creatives… Do you know any 3 to 5 yr olds ?  A child or Grand child of your perhaps  ? Next time you get some free time. Let him...

29th May 2015

The Suffolk Derby-American styled Football

If your free this Sunday..There is a major derby going on at the Thetford Rugby Club  May 31,2015. The Ipswich Cardinals are coming to Thetford to face our own Bury...

15th Apr 2015
Saints Schedule

Creating for a Cause !!

Creatives : A while ago I read a facebook post made by photographer Sue Byrce ! I won’t quote the whole poem,but just the first line !!  Creatives Work for...

14th Mar 2015
Why are you a Creative !!!

Why are you a Creative !!!

    Who or what got you started on your creative journey ? Was it your parent..your Grand parent ?  Why do you enjoy being a creative ? Is it...

02nd Mar 2015

CFC Bury vs Athletico Liberty

After almost 120 minutes of soccer. CFC Bury ended up winning the FA Semi Cup Match held at The Pit in Lakenheath !! Sunday 1 March. The final score Bury...

22nd Feb 2015

Lakenheath Reserves vs Hardwick FBC

I had not watched the reserves play in quite a while !!There were several new faces that I had not seen before !! The match was very aggressive from the...

15th Feb 2015

For the right Causes !!

I have to be honest..This all started with a post by Photographer Sue Bryce !!  I will only paraphrase it.. The couple of sentences said….”Don’t work for the Applause…Support the...

13th Feb 2015

Youth sports…Worth the time worth the money !!

  Are you supporting your local village sports/youth program ? Do you think its a worth while cause keeping these pre-teens  and Teens engaged in something constructive !! I can’t...