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31st Jul 2014

Our High School Teen/Senior Season starts 1 August “

For the months of September,October,November we will be looking to shoot with Seniors for the class of 2015.      15 December 2014 we shift gears to start concentrating on...

17th Jul 2014
Because your a big girl,does not make you ugly !

Because your a big girl,does not make you ugly !

Would you like to have some portraits done of you ,where you totally enjoyed the session.  The photographer took his /her time to get to know a little about you...

17th Jul 2014
Making a diference..One Teen at a time !!

Making a diference..One Teen at a time !!

Everyone is a photographer these days, and we all do it for different reasons !! I have been shooting images for many years( back with Kodachrome 64)  But within the...

15th Jul 2014

Teen Memories !!

My childhood was typical of people my age. My parents missed more of my sporting events ,then I care to admit . The family camera was a Polaroid.which used a...

10th Jul 2014
Photo used with Christie's permission.

A lady with a passion for Running ..Christie !!

  Morning Creatives : For those that follow me often. Sometime I like to post about a unique person that I know !! Christie is a lady ,who I think...

07th Jul 2014
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For those young ladies with curves !!

Let me start this by saying.I’m a Dad of a daughter who has curves.Because of her family traits, she will never be a size 10.Now as a photographer  I pride...

27th Jun 2014
Quality Sports for positive promotions

Just wanting to share this !!

Lets face it ,everyone is a photographer these days . So where does that leave a photographer who has a passion for shooting pictures ? In a boat without a...

21st Jun 2014

Your child’s memories,,How important ?

This post was created because of my Grand daughter Alissia. I’ll be honest that little lady changes everyday ,as she has started to find her voice, her personality. This may...

16th Jun 2014

My 40 +year love affair with photography !

  Morning Creatives !! Let me start this post by saying that I’m a firm believer that God gave us all a calling a role to do ! Some people...

14th Jun 2014

Supporting local Creatives !!

Morning All !!! Growing up … My Dad drummed it into my head… Son if you do not support local small business people that will fade away .  As I...